Greg Foster-Rice

  • Associate Professor
  • Columbia College Chicago

I have a PhD in Art History from Northwestern University and I'm an Associate Professor of the History of Photography within the Department of Photography at Columbia College Chicago. Consequently, my creative and scholarly practice is devoted to scholarship, exhibitions and teaching that intersect heavily with contemporary practitioners-in-training who have a wide range of interests (fine art, commercial or photojournalistic) as well as the vernacular practice of photography in the age of the internet. I'm interested in engaging broad and wide publics and have high hopes for incorporating participatory civic culture into my projects (and vice versa) and see technology as one possible avenue for achieving that goal. That said, my aspirations have frequently been higher than my capabilities, so I'm looking for folks with experience to help me realize these challenges. 13 years ago in graduate school I helped author a (now very ancient-looking) website documenting a long-since demolished mural on Chicago's South Side and am also currently involved in a project to memorialize that site for its 50th anniversary in 2017.