Nick Kegeyan


I really like the Internet, digital things, very specific bottled water brands (until I think about the impact), making connections between seemingly distant and abstract things and ideas, video games as interactive cinema, cats, web 1.0 inspired web 2.0 webpages, elegant and refined source code, cracking grubhubs yummy rummy, Armenian cuisine, long car rides, weird trading cards, collecting things, cleaning my desktop, digitizing VHS tapes, digging through archives, finding good deals at used bookstores/pawn shops/thrift stores/ebay, curating, making, and talking. Technology and I are really good, old friends. Technology has always had my back and I'm trying to get it's back now. My research revolves around digital art, it's place in contemporary art, it's evolution, it's economies, and the main feelings I have about making digital files "physical" (i.e. prints). I'm currently researching the financial potential for artists of digital art, and more specifically internet based art. The medium, poses the opportunity for a new market, or system for selling art, without using the old system currently in place. I'm researching the changes in the publishing, music, and movie industries in the Internet age and how they've changed over the last decade or so. It's interesting that a digital medium is aiming to use and old system and go physical, most notably the recent Phillips Digital Art Auction "PaddlesOn."