some notes from the session on digital research/teaching tools

Bamboo DiRT (
infrastructure in the art communities: one portal for all digital tools and projects (an idea that usually fails)
monolithic portals vs. a lightweight approach to tools
overkill of tools: too complex; hard to peer-review the tools
make existing apps work vs. creating new apps (no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when your background isn’t in app development) – no need to spend the time and money on it, either. (spend the money elsewhere!)
ask yourself “what is missing” and look at that as a form of creating collaborations.
tools are not the answer: methodology/research/what can be done digitally (don’t search for the one perfect tool)
interdisciplinarity – no longer thought about with undergrads, because it is the norm and no longer a “novel” idea.
an assumption of “disciplinarity” with a lot of tools that already exist // // // // // // // // // //
social networking as research/collaborative tool (facebook/youtube/pinterest)
allow students to fail at using tools, in order to start discussion about tools/research