Notes from What Are We To Do About Our Lack of Access to Images of Copyright-Protected Contemporary Art?

What are we going to do about copyrighted images of contemporary art?
Amy Ballmer on CUNY: we need legal help; librarians and VR professionals are not always copyright experts
Copy Fraud – Christine Sundt mentioned as a great resource for copyright info; doesn’t apply to contemporary art but still relevant; issues is more about contracts and not copyright – most scholarly use is covered under the law, it’s the permissions culture that is getting in the way
Fair Use best practices by Christine Sundt:
Mentioning both CAA copyright best practices:
and VRA copyright best practices:
-One of the main points being that if you’re using images in teaching you can use them
-As far as dissertations are concerned, it is an academic requirement and not a publication, so image use should be considered under fair use
Against Intellectual Monopoly, a book on controlled and managed intellectual property
How much of this is self-censorship? How much are academics and librarians simply afraid of litigation?
Volunteer Lawyers for the Creative Arts:

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